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If your home was built in the past 10 years, it’s probable that your contractor adhered to building standards to construct a more ‘radon resistant’ home.  But  what does that actually mean?

Does this mean a newer home is more likely to be radon free?  The short answer is no.  All properties are at risk for radon buildup.  Homes built with a passive mitigation system simply mean it’s  going to be a whole lot less expensive to add an activate an active mitigation system.  In laymen terms, the skeleton is there but the guts are not.  Even homes that have an active radon mitigation system and constantly running fan, can still be plagued by elevated radon levels.  This can be caused by poor ventilation, a malfunctioning system, or even the increased presence of the gas.

We’ve discussed what causes radon, but it’s important to also consider certain types of rock  are more likely to give off harmful radon than others. These include light-colored volcanic, rocks,

granites, dark shales, sedimentary rocks that contain phosphate, and metamorphic rocks derived from these rocks.  It’s said that even our  granite counter top  can release radon. (though the levels are generally so low it’s not been a concern)  Since these types of rock are abundant pretty much everywhere, it means that most regions have some levels of radon.  It also means that where these types of rocks or conditions are more common, the risks of  radon levels are increased.   Sure, some of  Nebraska and Iowa are at higher risk of radon exposure due to the type of soil,  but with a little research and awareness….. testing and mitigation can be done in a short amount of time.

What can you do  to have a more healthy home and keep radon out?  It’s recommended to test your home for radon once a year.  Be sure to use a licensed radon measurement specialist like our own LeAnna Norquest with SRE HomeServices.  To verify who is and is not licensed, you can also visit your local public health page like this one:  Nebraska DHHS.

If you’d like a FREE radon mitigation consultation, give us a call.  We will walk you through the process, provide an estimate and design at no charge.  We can  also test for radon if you aren’t sure what the levels are in your home.  We have a  licensed mitigation installation professional  with over 2000 mitigation systems successfully installed at your service.  Don’t hesitate Let us mitigate.