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In the radon mitigation world, this gadget is a common device used to measure the pressure your mitigation system is creating.  What’s this thing called?  It’s called a  U tube (not YouTube) ‘Manometer’.  (Man-O-Meter)  Try saying it fast three times:)  However, 

A manometer may be any device that measures various types of pressure.  In this case, the term “manometer”  refers specifically to a U-shaped tube filled with fluid. This type of manometer can be easily built as part of a laboratory experiment to demonstrate the effect of pressure on a liquid column.  For the purposes of radon mitigation systems, we use it to measure pressure once the mitigation system is installed and we don’t build these ourselves.

How does it work? 

The basic overview: A u-tube manometer measures and displays the suction in inches of water column.  Inches of water column is the amount of pressure inside a pipe.  The red oil inside is what you want to focus on.  It shows the pressure within the radon vent pipe.  You want to make sure the liquid is NOT equal on both sides.  If the levels are equal,  this indicates no pressure and no suction from the fan.  If this is the case, your radon mitigation system is not sucking on the soil gassed underneath the home.  In laymen terms;  The system is malfunctioning and not removing the radon gas from your Nebraska/Iowa home.  In cases like this, simply call us.  SRE HomeServices is one of the top certified radon mitigation specialists in Nebraska/Iowa. We’ve installed over 2000 state approved mitigation systems.

If you have questions regarding your current radon mitigation system or if you are interested in a FREE consultation and mitigation design, call us.  We have a full time team dedicated to help.