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Welcome to SRE HomeServices. This new venture is the latest business to join our group, which also includes SRE HomeInspections, TNT Termite, Pest Solutions 365 and Leapin Lizard Locksmiths.

SRE HomeServices focuses on radon testing and radon mitigation. We’ve been doing radon testing through AmeriSpec since the company was formed. Due to customer demand, we decided to add radon mitigation to the services we offer.

Altbough it may sound scary, radon mitigation is not as expensive or complicated as it may seem. If we test your home or office and find levels high enough that mitigation is needed, we can install the system and make the area safe again within a few hours. The system doesn’t take up much space in your home or office, and blends into the environment outdoors.

Your system will be installed by two technicians who are licensed by the state of Nebraska and have several years of experience in building radon mitigation systems. They also will perform radon testing.

Our other testing staff comes from SRE HomeInspections, where all our home inspectors are also licensed to conduct radon tests.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call our president and owner, Tom Sutko, at 402-975-1350. We look forward to serving you.